Yes! We would like to “shout-out” Helping Hands Charity Services, a great non-profit that we have partnered with.

“Our mission is to partner with non-profits with great causes to give them another source of fundraising so that they have more time and resources to spend helping others in need,” says Michael Guzman, co-founder of HHCS. “In 2020, we were able to return 90.20% of all proceeds from cars to our non-profit partners, and we really love supporting the work they do!”

No matter what the age or condition, your vehicle donation can help restore the lands, support people in need, and spread regenerative and permaculture practices globally! U can donate your used vehicle by clicking this link and filling out the simple form. Our friends at Helping Hands Charity Services will help you through every step of the process to maximize your vehicle’s selling price. Additionally, they will never sell your vehicle without confirming that the bid they received is satisfactory. You can expect a minimum tax deduction of $500, but if your vehicle sells for more than that amount, you can claim the total sale price.

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