This is happening, we are doing this.

I couldn’t believe when after almost two years of preparations, building the team and online infrastructure, we finally start getting the results. THE Home received a tremendous amount of support from all over the world, and now it’s time to get our baby out of our inner circle bubble.

For the last two years, our amazing team of visionaries and doers put most of the time on humanitarian service with THE Home project. It’s a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is creating a network of regenerative farms and permaculture gardens to serve as healing and educational retreat centers. The core idea is to offer everyone in the world a model and full support on creating an off-grid self-sufficient community in exchange for making it intentionally inclusive and implementing regenerative practices in their food production. The first requirement means that depends on the demographic situation, each community would consist of around 50% of people in need (unhoused populations, low-income families), 30% of minorities (BIPOC, LGBT, etc.), and at least of 5% of people with disabilities. This will make sure that we are not building the same exclusive system, leaving outside those who were left behind in the current one. And through spreading the regenerative and permaculture practices on a global scale, we aim to stop the destruction made by conventional agriculture and reverse consequences of Climate Change.

November 2020 (date&time: TBA), we invite U to join the first of our online inclusivity celebration #TogetherWeCan, where we offer representatives of the communities that were continuously unheard to speak out, sharing their stories, traditions and immersive experiences, allowing U to try their shoes. In conclusion, we are going to launch THE Home. We will present U the model we were working on in collaboration with so many incredibly talented and knowledgeable people that will allow us to build a new decentralized and self-sufficient eco-system based on inclusivity, love, mutual support, and respect to all its part.

This is a bold and very risky move – to do this whole thing through everything that happens around, but at the same time, we acknowledge that the time to act is also now. We all had enough, and the protests by itself won’t do the job. Thank U, our global family, for all your support, #togetherwecan.

For the first event, we are inviting to speak out: Indigenous and Black people, Latinos, kids, LGBT, women, people with disabilities, homeless, refugees, farmers, essential workers, garment workers, people with mental disorders.

The idea is to have a host, an expert for each group to represent it and explain what’s what, and then a person, who can share it from a personal perspective – either through a story or an experience. Let us know if U know someone who would love to be the voice of these people.


To be continued.

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P.S.: we strongly believe in cross-collaboration as the only way to build a better world for all. So if u or anyone u know is involved in any work in sustainability and regenerative area, let’s partner and show how many of us share this vision and ready do act towards the paradigm shift.