We are coming together to develop intergroup empathy, reevaluate diversity and inspire collaboration toward social and environmental justice

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In times when environmental and social problems are at its highest and the previous methods of solving each of those separately didn’t do well, it seems important to embrace the whole picture and rethink the strategy..

At THE Home we recognize the rules according to which the whole existence operates, and that we, humans, are going against the most important of it.

“Divide and conquer” is a translation of the Latin maxim, Divide et impera (“divide and rule”), and began to appear in English about 1600. The divide your enemy so you can reign approach is attributed to Julius Cesar — he successfully applied it to conquer Gaul twenty-two centuries ago. But he wasn’t the first, nor the last, to implement it. To this day it remained the most popular strategy.

We were separated from nature, from each other, even from ourselves, not looking anymore for the reasons why we are here, only running somewhere, fighting with circumstances.

But now we evolved enough to see that any division, any separation only makes us weaker. Everything in nature is interconnected, and for us, as a part of nature, it appears vital to follow this guideline.

THE Home’s main mission is to restore these lost connections.

Once united, we can synergize our actions to build a new world where everyone will be treated with love and respect.

1st of December we are coming together in #TogetherWeCan???? inclusivity celebration to speak out our truth, to share our wisdom and stories of inspiration from the leaders of the communities that for so long were denied sits at the table. We are going to hear the voices of the Black, Latinxs, indigenous people, women, LGBTQ community, children, and our friends with disabilities.

And after all the voices are heard, we are going to launch THE Home.

It’s a huge step for us as for the last 2 years we were dedicating all of our time to shape the initial idea into the most holistic concept that takes into consideration all parts of our life, adding value to each of it.

And now we are so excited to share the solution where the current, what we call “problems”, will be solving each other symbiotically, as it happens in natural ecosystems.

THE Homeis a visionarynonprofit organizationthat aims to reverse climate changeand restore lands globallyby supporting communitieson their way to self-sufficiencythrough regenerative farming

We are establishing a decentralized network of regenerative farms and permaculture gardens to serve as healing and educational centers for people in need. Being focused on displaced populations and minorities, we will provide all residents with holistic health care, and the necessary knowledge and skills to spread regenerative practices and restore the land worldwide.

I'm in!????

On the 1st of December, we are launching the fundraising campaign that will allow us to build our flagship regenerative center. Once it’s up and running, we will be able to offer everyone in the world a model and full support on creating an off-grid self-sufficient community in exchange for making it intentionally inclusive and implementing regenerative practices in their food production. 

The first requirement means that each community is encouraged to welcome displaced populations, minorities, and people with disabilities. It ensures that we are not building the same exclusive system, leaving outside those who were left behind in the current one. And through spreading the regenerative and permaculture practices on a global scale, we aim to stop the destruction made by conventional agriculture and reverse the consequences of Climate Change.

This is ahistoricalmovement, guys,and U are invitedto be a part of it


So save the date, and join us on December 1, as only #TogetherWeCan???? synergize enough effort to build a new world where everyone will be treated with love and respect.

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Having a background in building successful business from scratch, creating and using new strategies, Nika always knew, that one day she will bring all this experience in service of humanitarian efforts, as nothing inspires her more than being able to help someone in need. Nika’s main focus is to bring holistic approach to problem solving, when there is no need to choose just one issue to work with, but instead to create a structure, where problems will be solving each other as in the nature’s codependent eco-system

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