"When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves"

— Anthony J. D'Angelo


To reconnect humans with nature

To create accessible, safe and welcoming healing spaces around the world

To offer a replicable model of self-sufficient healing and educational centre

To spread the regenerative and permaculture practices globally

''Teach a man to

and you feed him for a lifetime"

What We Do

Stage 1

Raising Awareness Through Entertainment

We believe that entertainment plays a big part in our development as humans, so why not make simple fun intentionally educational and practically beneficial? So until THE Home, as a global network of farms, is established, we started with spreading these ideas through our Homies Jams - monthly conscious festivals where everyone is welcome - regardless of material and housing status

Online Collaboration Platform

While people all over the world are going to self-quarantine, we aim to come together online and use this time to build a global team of future game-changers. Through the open platform that can process all kinds of entities - from volunteers and media to communities and big organizations, and a new approach to a collaboration structure, THE Home offers an opportunity to work on the global issues collectively. It allows anyone to provide support with available resources or receive it for the current projects, using all the modern tools, built-in in one concept, focusing on the challenges that resonate the most. Every time a proper amount of people from the same area applies for participation, we create an Online Local Hub, connecting all of the candidates through our online office, expanding an existing decentralized worldwide structure. To apply - click Get Involved


Prototype of the First Open Retreat Center

Currently, THE Home is creating a prototype of a regenerative farm that will serve as a healing and educational center for anyone in need, being focused on displaced populations. It will provide all the residents with holistic health care and necessary skills to take on future "green" job opportunities.

Global Network of Regenerative Farms

Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that play a significant part in the concept design we are working on. It increases biodiversity, enriches soil health, improves watersheds, enhances ecosystem services, and captures carbon in soil and aboveground biomass, reversing current global trends of atmospheric accumulation. We at THE Home see regenerative farming practices as an immensely important step to avoid the consequences of potential food and climate change crises, as well as the Community Supported Agriculture system that THE Home will establish through the Global Network of Regenerative Farms

Resilience Hubs

We see the consequences of the climate crisis all over the world. And while we are fighting the old approaches that created those issues and establishing a new culture of ecologically beneficial lifestyles, it is important to be prepared for the unavoidable. That is why we will adapt the concept of the farms to serve as disaster relief facilities - designing our systems to be fire, flood, and earthquake resistant


The farms will operate by sustainable maintenance methods, including waste and water recycling, and the use of alternative energy. After our concept is established, THE Home will offer franchise opportunities to every farmer, educate workers on required regenerative and sustainable practices, and help spread the eco-friendly approach globally

What We Do

Stage 2

Inviting displaced people

It times of such uncertainty, many people might find themselves displaced from their usual dwellings by natural or human-made calamities. Along with a place to stay, our farms will offer healing and education to anyone in need, integrating them into a healthy community that involved in producing organic food and eco-friendly activities

Holistic Healing

Across cultures and generations, we see different ways to effectively heal through natural sources. We seek to create a welcoming and healing environment with physical and spiritual wellness practices from all over the world, such as yoga, meditation, ceremonies, banyas, art-therapy, musical jam-sessions and close proximity to nature


We seek to bring awareness to global issues and to provide real-life solutions that will empower people to act. Firstly, we will spread the necessary knowledge around sustainable and regenerative practices through our platform, events, and eco-campaigns. When the farms are established, it will offer hands-on demonstrations and educational curriculum that will cover all the required expertise for further generations to act, including permaculture design, holistic health care, renewable energy, plant-based diet, and bioconstruction. Education in urban areas will be offered through Eco-centres that will research and share new practices in urban gardening, recycling, sustainable clothing production, consuming patterns, mindfulness and more

“Green” jobs opportunities

The global paradigm is changing, and we need people prepared and ready to take on new positions. We plan to provide green job opportunities with the necessary educational training for our residents. Along with work on the farms and eco-campaigns, this could involve cleaning/recycling, urban garden installation, work in eco-educational centers, recycling typographies, eco-packaging production, upcycle stores, Community Supported Agriculture, eco-clothing production, bioconstruction, and more

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”

— Martin Luther King Jr.

Howard Sochurek / Getty Images


The concept of THE Home is rooted in the idea of omnipresent kindness and is built on 4 principles:


We all were made equal and the idea that someone is “more equal than others”* doesn’t align with our view. You have the right to be anything you ARE or WANT to be, as long as you are a kind and compassionate human being

* - George Orwell “Animal Farm”

Mutual Aid

We seek to develop reciprocal relationships between giver and receiver in the spirit of mutual aid. We want everyone to be a contributor in the uplifting of their health and well-being, and we know that this will only take place when we look at every human as both a human in need and a human who is capable of contributing to our collective well-being.

Environmental Friendliness

To spread the ideas of ecological lifestyle is an obligation of each of us, especially now, when the world is moving so quickly towards a critical point of environmental crisis. We at THE Home are proudly taking this responsibility by maintaining an organic lifestyle and educating as many people as we can.​

Universal Oneness

Now more than ever before, we can see how everything is deeply interconnected. Everything that exists seen and unseen are inseparable from each other to a field of divine oneness. We all consist of the same energy - humans, animals, plants. We are coming from the same source of this energy that makes us one big family, and as a family, we should care about each element of such

Solving The Worlds Problems with 2020 technology

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THE Home Co is a 501c3 organization that uses all the modern digital tools available on the market. We strongly believe that the time to review and reimagine our traditional working standards has come. That is why we are establishing a new format of collaboration, avoiding all the ecological challenges that go with maintaining and commuting to brick and mortar offices.
From now on, you can take your part in the global change movement wherever you are, whenever you felt inspired for it

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