So, whatexactly arethe main problemsthis worldfaces today?

Most of us already know

about the potential food crisis that threatens starvation in the steadily growing populations. And on the other hand – all these lands that keep losing its fertility and poisoning our water due to chemical overuse in conventional agriculture. How about all the displaced or struggling with poverty people that seek a place to stay and a job to take? Not to mention the Global Climate change with CO2 emissions, plastic pollution, and all the meat industry that not only immensely cruel but also is one of the main reasons for the global deforestation process

If we wouldask naturefor help,would it offerto solve problemsseparate -one after another?

Or would it create a solution that involves all the parts, collaborating towards a resolution?

As in nature ecosystem, everything exists in symbiosis when the parts of something are intimately interconnected, working together for the mutual benefit, THE Home insists that the solution to the most pressing problems of nowadays must be holistic as well. That’s why we offer not to focus on one issue separately, but instead to solve one by solving the others, making an opportunity out of the problem. After all – if we want to get back to the roots and reunite with nature, what could be better than to follow these organic patterns, natural laws of coexistence

And naturealreadystartedto act

We believe that the current pandemic will provoke significant changes in the system we used to live in.

Many professions may cease to exist, and people will have to look for a new type of activity. Some of us will experience a financial shortage, and some might face the risk of losing housing. To support all the groups at risk and to build a structure that will become a base for a resilient, sustainable future, THE Home offers a platform for global collaboration

THE HomeGlobal CollaborationPlatformis designedto processany typeof an entity

Volunteers, experts, communities, organizations, artists, media persons...

Thanks to the new approach to a collective work system, automatized application processing, and clear integration algorithms, we are able to support anyone who cares about the world we live in, and understand how urgent the action is needed. The platform allows everyone to choose or create a topic to focus on, knowing that the rest of the issues will be as well taken care of in one global ecosystem concept. For organizations and communities that already work on any of the challenges, it offers a preset, customizable space in the virtual office, where anyone, interested in their area of focus, can join and collaborate, using all the tools

What do we meanby "a basefor a resilient,sustainablefuture"?

THE Home introduces the concept of the Global Network of Regenerative Farms

The core idea is to establish one global network of sustainable food and clothes full-cycle production that is open for anyone to join, focusing on displaced or rural populations. Bringing the concept of a Regenerative Farm onto a location, THE Home team will provide locals with holistic health care, eco-education and with necessary skills and technologies, offering various “green” job opportunities. It will represent each community on a global market with one trusted name under non-profit governance to lower the final product price. The strategy includes preliminary research in each particular area to adapt the concept, turning specifications into its advantages

These farmswill serveas healingand educationalspacesfor all the residents

There is no one reason for all the people to join the community

But there are circumstances that will be beneficial for all beings. The proximity of nature will restore the lost connection with the source and provide a perfect healing environment. Accompanied with wellness practices from all over the world, art and music therapies, and a new educational curriculum, we aim to create a safe and welcoming space that inspires transition from functioning in survival mode to a productive, creative state of mind for all our residents

The major partof the FarmNetwork conceptis focused onreversingthe consequencesof Climate Change

Regenerative agriculture that also goes as "carbon farming",

Eco practices, such as waste and water recycling, the use of renewable energy, plastic and paper recycling, eco-housing, – all these are the basics of THE Home concept. The plan is to design a structure that, along with regenerative agriculture, will incorporate permaculture and organic farming practices, forming an ecosystem that will be resilient to most of the natural and human-made hazards.

Who canbecomeresidents ofTHE Home?

THE Home is for everyone.

From homeless people to open-minded communities, rural populations and refugees, teenagers at risk of suicide, single parents who are not able to raise their child, all the minority groups that still suffer from unequal treatment – all the people who wasn’t satisfied with the “traditional” system, will finally have a place to call home – THE Home