A monthly conscious festival where everyone is welcome, regardless of material and housing status, that offers:

Sound-healing, yoga and meditation classes

Once a month we invite best local teachers to share their gift with community.

Art workshops and music jam sessions

Each time we have different artists and musicians that lead the session. Anyone can join with their own or provided instruments.

Motivational and educational speeches

We believe that everyone should have access to inspiration and important knowledge. Especially those who need it the most.

Healthy food and drinks

Thanks to our sponsors we can offer nutritious vegetarian meals, alkaline drinking water, and healthy juices.

Donation stations with clothes, shoes, and toiletries

One of the best ways to upcycle your old gear is to share it with someone in need.

Showers, massages and barber stations

Portable hygiene posts for those who feel like refreshing, and relaxing massages for all our guests to reduce muscle tension and stress hormones.


To flip

the script on community interactions with the homeless population

To bring

human connection to those who are constantly neglected through involvement in free workshops, inspirational and ecological talks, and healthy activities

To provide

local help by offering free food along with donated clothes, shoes, and other essential goods

To build

trusting relationships with local homeless communities to invite them on the farms afterwards

To rethink

our view on the importance of physical appearance and material statuses


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