Destination AMA is a platform serving as an optimal fashion sustainability guidebook created by Anna Abyzov, an environmental advocate and responsible fashion change agent.  

At Destination AMA, we dream of creating a world our kids would be proud to live in. 

Why fashion? Like any other major industry, fashion holds responsibility for its impact on the planet and can play a universal role in protecting it. And the impact of the choices we make when it comes to fashion is far beyond our perceptions about it. 

Our mission is to inspire and educate fashion professionals, and their customers to understand ourselves and the world around us better, make smarter choices, and live a quality life. Rather than argue around the edges, we question the system as a whole, providing real facts investigated through in-depth research and offering the most innovative solutions. 

As advocates for ethical and conscious fashion, we have a unique opportunity to reimagine the system based on the principles of responsibility, dignity, higher values, and respect by bringing humanity to the industry and creating the movement to which we can all belong. 

As dreamers, thinkers, and doers, we contemplate life and business as a form of creative expression, social and environmental responsibility. We care about the ecological future of our planet, wellbeing, social equality, and human rights. We believe that each and every one of us holds power to make a difference. Our individual choices together will help to create a way for a better, more sustainable world.  

When our health is the biggest value, the future of our children is the major priority, anour beautiful mother Earth is the only source we were given to sustain ourselves, a very mindful and holistic approach towards living and doing business should be taken into action.  

For Destination AMA, a platform created to raise awareness about the role of the fashion industry, the next step is to combine the forces and collaborate on cross-industry levels. 

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