We all have a vision for a better future for our world, and now we also have a platform through which we can make it a reality. 

Welcome to the first step of our Platform for global collaboration. 

The main intention of the Platform is to offer a structure that will be able to unify all the collective efforts made around the creation of a better world in one holistic concept. Except for the direct execution of the projects, the entire process of collaboration has been digitized. To make the transition from offline communication to online as clear and intuitive as possible, we have retained the familiar structure of interaction in a brick-and-mortar office, merely making it virtual. This page is an analog of a reception, the gates of our virtual office. It is an open part of the Platform that performs the following functions, depending on the category:



Introducing organizations with aligned vision partnered with THE Home to synergize the efforts while working on a better world for all.



Under this category, any organization from the Network can share current projects and ask for support if needed. If you don’t represent a registered non-profit organization, but you have an idea or a project that can solve a particular problem, please, apply through the Get Involved form, according to your status: expert, commercial organization, community, media person, etc. U will be able to describe your concept in a special field.



Here THE Home posts open volunteer opportunities within the organization. Volunteer opportunities may lead to a full-time or part-time paid job at THE Home if the applicant demonstrates they are the right fit for a position.


Eco Blog

This is our virtual library. It is an open source for environmental and sociological news, healing practices gathered around the world, and opinions from our experts on the ways to solve the most pressing problems of today. We invite U to join the conversation on topics that interest U the most, leave comments, and repost the articles. If you have any ideas or information that are worth sharing and could help in solving the challenges this world faces today – don’t hesitate. 


To post in any category or enroll as a volunteer, please, fill out the Get Involved form. After your application is reviewed, U’ll be contacted for a virtual interview. And we’ll dance from there.


The Platform will continuously grow and change its shape and interface, and U are invited to participate in the co-creation of it in the early stages. In collaboration, we can accomplish all the goals we set, form the most diverse and extensive content, and send the most powerful message. Welcome to THE Home.